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The Fifth Taste

December 3, 2015 By Diana

Have you ever scrolled through our Umami Burger Instagram feed and your mouth immediately started to water? A lot of the photos we post are re-grams of your amazing shots. If you search through the hashtag #umamiburger (fair warning: you will be starving within seconds) you will find thousands of photos that will make you think “Wow, #1 I want to eat that, and #2 how do I take a photo just as good as this?” Question no more! We have the steps that will help you achieve the best food photo for your Instagram. All you need is your camera phone.

Tip 1: Natural Lighting

If there is one tip you take away from this post it should be lighting, this can make or break your photo. There are times where I think I have the perfect set up for the best photo but the lighting is not right. Natural lighting is key. The closer you can get to a well-lit location the better. If the photo is too dark it is likely not going to do very well with likes on your Instagram feed. The flash on your phone can help in certain situations but I choose not to use it. Natural is usually better in most cases and this goes for lighting as well.

(Hatch burger at our Downtown Los Angeles location.)

Tip 2: Framing

You are at a restaurant and your food has just hit the table, it looks too delicious to not show your Instagram followers so you pull out your phone. The framing of your photo is very important. You want to make sure you pay attention to the surroundings in your photo frame. You will want to avoid things like trash, messy napkins, and anything that may obstruct your photo. When framing your photo aim to make everything that’s going to fit the frame look clean and in focus. After all, the art of food photography is all about making the food shine. In the photos below you can see the original on the left and the edited version on the right. Sometimes flipping the orientation of the photos helps make the best framing. You will learn about photo edits in the next tip.

(Holiday Bird at The Grove.)

Tip 3: Editing Apps

Even if the natural lighting and your framing are on point, you may feel like you want to have some fun and spice up your photo. This is where photo-editing apps come into play. Using these apps is a quick way to add filters, adjust the brightness, or crop your photo. My favorite apps to use are VSCO and Afterlight. My photo-editing routine starts with uploading my photo to VSCO and adding a filter (tip: I always lower the intensity of my filter to anywhere below level six, this helps the photo look more natural and less altered). I then increase the exposure and contrast by one. I only use Afterlight when I want to add texture like a dusty feel or adding my photo into a shape.

(Greenbird Burger at our Downtown Los Angeles Location.)

Keep these tips in mind next time you are in one of our restaurants and tag us @umamiburger and #umamiburger when you post your photo. We look at all the photos we get tagged in and we may even repost you.

(Kbbq Burger at our Downtown Los Angeles location.)