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The Fifth Taste

March 10, 2016 By Diana

If you stop to think about your go-to fast food drive through spot you probably already know the “ins and outs” of how you can customize your burger. When I drive up I know I am adding bacon, extra cheese, and making my burger a double. But, did you know you could do the same and more at Umami Burger? With ingredients like mushrooms, parmesan cheese, and tomatoes on our menu you are always going to get hit with the bold and savory flavors of the fifth taste, but here are three ways you can take your burger to the next level.

1. Add an extra patty.

Can you imagine two of our juicy patties in one burger? If you are feeling extra hungry or, looking to get a greater intake of protein simply ask your server for an extra patty. Talk about gains!

Umamify your Umami Burger
Three patty Hatch Chili Burger lettuce wrap. Photo by @yahirmusic

Umamify your Umami Burger1
Three patty Sunnyside Burger lettuce wrap.

Umamify your Umami Burger4
Do you dare to try a six patty Throwback Burger?

2. Extra ingredients

My go-to burger is always the Truffle Burger. In my opinion, it has always been the best burger on the menu, and what is better than just ordering the Truffle Burger? Ordering one with extra truffle of course. If there is an ingredient you love, that keeps you coming back for more, why not order extra. You can also add ingredients from other burgers to your favorite. Create your own Umami flavors by adding Hatch Chilis to our Sunnyside,  adding avocado, or topping off your Manly with an egg. Savor the moment!

Umamify your Umami Burger2
Truffle Burger photo by @yaytofood

3. Lettuce wrap your burger. 

Are you gluten free? Or maybe you took the plunge and gave up bread for lent? Umami Burger has you covered. We can always substitute our buns with lettuce and wrap up your burger.

Umamify your Umami Burger3
Lettuce wrap KBBQ photo by @melesmalls

Next time you visit one of our restaurants challenge yourself to create your own Umami experience. We would love to see what you created by tagging us in your photos @umamiburger #umamiburger