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The Fifth Taste

June 9, 2016 By Diana

This year for Negroni Week we have decided to create a twist on the Negroni cocktail. We created a Negroni BBQ Burger because why not eat your drink too. The burger features a beef and wild mushroom patty, melted gouda cheese, Campari and cola bbq sauce, topped with a delicious kale slaw that includes kale, cabbage, green apple and diced bacon, all tossed in a bacon vinaigrette.

Negroni Week 3

Try it with the perfect drink pairing, our Brooklyn Gin Negroni. Made with Brooklyn Gin, Campari, and Carapano Antica $10. $1 from every Negroni BBQ Burger sold during Negroni week will be donated to the James Beard Foundation.  Find an Umami Burger near you here.

Negroni Week 2016