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The Fifth Taste

March 28, 2016 By Diana

It has been two weeks since The Alton Burger hit the table, and we may or may not have to use both hands to count how many burgers we’ve had. Before you start to judge, we do work for Umami Burger which means we have to take all of our friends and family to try it (you must accept any reason to get this limited edition burger).

Hopefully you all have had a taste of this savory packed breakfast burger. But, If you have not made your way into one of our restaurants, below are some features fresh off the plancha to get your taste buds excited about the Alton Burger.

Fresh Off The Plancha Alton Brown

LA Times

There are few things in the world I love more than a good old-fashioned celebrity collaboration (just look how inspiring these Taylor Swift greeting cards are!). One of those things I love more is a cheeseburger. When the two are combined, the end product becomes a consumerist tour de force—one that I’m more than willing to shake fistfuls of dollar bills at until it’s in my mouth.

A few months back, Mindy Kaling participated in Umami Burger’s Artist Series—where $1 from each burger sold goes to the charity of said artist’s choice—and hit a home run so deep I thought it wouldn’t be bested for a long while. Her burger sported pickled jalapeños, fried onion strings, and sriracha aioli atop the beef patty, injecting a much-needed dose of fire into Umami’s menu. But then Alton Brown came through this month with a decidedly maximalist burger that made me binge-rewatch Good Eats on Netflix. I’d recommend it; it’s a good time.

Brown, who was born in L.A. but grew up in Georgia, created a scienced-up ode to breakfast in a bun. Let’s break this down part by part: There’s lardons—aka thick cubes of bacon—studding the ground beef patty. Great start. Then there’s the cheesy tots on top. Normally, I would be critical of adding starch between two starchy buns—but this isn’t normal. The tots are a cheeky nod to breakfast hashbrowns; the cheesiness adds your requisite dairy; the additional carbs mean more flavorful ingredients can be tacked on while still maintaining balance.

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Food world philosopher and aspiring astronaut Alton Brown is getting into the burger business (kind of). The Good Eats creator has teamed up with LA-based chain Umami Burger to hawk a limited-edition breakfast burger. Available now through April 24, a dollar of the $14 selling price goes to the Make-a-Wish foundation.

The thoroughly over-the-top creation involves a beef patty studded with bacon lardons, cheddar cheese, smashed cheesy tater tots, miso-maple bacon, fried sage leaves, coffee ketchup, and — just to ensure the lily is fully gilded — a fried egg. In true AB style, he uses the burger creation as a launching pad to explain what, exactly, umami is (spoiler: it’s the fifth taste after salty, sweet, bitter, and sour). Brown points out that four different national cuisines depend on a particular umami-laden sauce: Japan (soy sauce), England (Worcestershire), France (veal stock), and the U.S. (ketchup).

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Fresh Off The Plancha Alton Brown 1

People Magazine

We here at PEOPLE are lucky enough to have an Umami Burger inside our office building, so naturally we couldn’t not go eat it immediately. Brown is best equipped to explain the science behind what “umami” exactly is (he breaks it down in the video above), but one bite of this is a better lesson than any words can describe.

First off, not to seem shallow, but aesthetically speaking it’s about a 10. And while a burger that contains bacon two ways, cheese and cheesy tots is exactly as nap-inducing as it sounds, it’s more than just decadent — it’s complex.

The smashed tots act almost like a second patty of fried hash browns, the maple glaze on the bacon gives the slightest nod to fresh flapjacks, and the coffee-flavored ketchup — while admittedly a little strange on its own — is a brilliant complement to the beef, and really rounds out the breakfast theme.

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Tasting Table 

Umami Burger has just unleashed its latest chef collaboration, and this one is sure to wake you up: Behold the Alton Burger, a breakfast burger created with none other than Alton Brown.

With everyone and their mother jumping on the breakfast bandwagon, it’s no surprise to see a breakfast burger hitting the scene. We’re no strangers to burgers at brunch, and “putting an egg on it” has become practically obligatory.

The Alton Burger kicks things up a notch with a handful of eye-catching ingredients. The burger meat is mixed with bacon lardons (obviously) and topped with cheddar cheese (phew). Things get more serious with the addition of miso-maple bacon, smashed cheesy tots, a fried egg, fried sage and a house-made coffee ketchup. WTF is coffee ketchup? It’s a special Umami recipe made with a blend of Stumptown Coffee and the restaurant’s signature ketchup.

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Alton Brown Blog Post 6

Umami Burger was also named #3 best chain restaurant from Time Out USA. If this doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will. Text your friends and make some plans now! The Alton Burger is only available until April 24th and $1 from each Alton Burger sold gets donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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