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The Fifth Taste

May 30, 2016 By Diana De Leon

What do you get when you combine our Manly Burger with chicken? Our latest creation, the Manly Chick! This is the first burger we introduce to our menu featuring a delicious chopped chicken patty. The Manly Chick is available now at all Umami Burger restaurants.

What’s in it?

Manly Chick Blog 1

Our new chopped chicken patty.

Umami ketchup.

Mustard spread.

Beer cheddar cheese.

Bacon lardons.

Onion strings.

All between two toasted buns.

Are you curious to see how the Sunnyside or Greenbird taste with a chicken patty? Ask your server to substitute a chicken patty to your favorite, no additional charge. Try it today and tag us in your photos of your Manly Chick.

Manly Chick Blog 1