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The Fifth Taste

June 9, 2016 By Diana

(Photo cred: Los Angeles Magazine)

The Los Angeles Magazine released an article on why we should be flipping our burgers upside-down. All of us in the office read the article and we completely agree. The article makes some valid points stating “The minute your burger is fully stacked, all the stress is being put on the bottom bun, which is—enragingly— almost always half as thick as the top bun.” True.

(Photo of the Original Umami Burger)

The mag suggest we fight back all urges to immediately cram the burger into our mouths (this is obviously the hardest part) and instead rotate the burger 180 degrees for about a minute. They also mention,  “While the burger rests upside-down, all of its wrongs are righting themselves. The flow of juices from the patty are being rerouted upwards, away from the perennially fragile bottom bun, decreasing your chances of total burger collapse.”

Well LA Mag, Challenge accepted! We will be trying this trick the next time we eat an Umami Burger restaurant (which is honestly probably in a few hours.). Read the full article here.