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The Fifth Taste

May 18, 2016 By Diana

Scrolling through our Instagram is very difficult sometimes. Can you imagine getting to work everyday and looking at all the amazing food photos people tag you in? I’m immediately starving and craving a burger at nine in the morning everyday. We do love seeing all the photos on our hashtag #umamiburger and the photos we get tagged in so keep them coming!

Here are our favorite Instagram photos we have been tagged in recently. If you are ever in one of our restaurants be sure to tag us in your photos. We may feature you on our next round up!


Social Round Up #UmamiBurger 5
Sunnyside Burger by @tara_o2

Social Round Up #UmamiBurger 6
Manly with an egg by @richardkuo7

Social Round Up #UmamiBurger 7
Social Hour sliders and truffle fries by @fern_weezy

Social Round Up #UmamiBurger 1
Fries on fries by @thebohosocialite

Social Round Up #UmamiBurger 3
Truffle Burger by @bayareafoodadventures_

tempura onion rings, sauces and pickled vegetables
Pickled Plate and Onion Rings by @jamie_thrower

(For tips on how to take the best food pictures go here and follow us @umamiburger)