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The Fifth Taste

November 9, 2015 By Diana

Back in August we had the pleasure of partnering with Mountain Dew to host a private event for The Dew Tour participants at our Downtown Los Angeles Umami Burger. Along with the skateboard competitions being held, the Dew Tour hosted the world premier of We Are Blood at the Ace Hotel Theatre. Guests were able to pre-party before the premier at our event and enjoy Umami sliders, fries and specialty Mountain Dew and Pepsi cocktails.

We were very excited about this event and thought “what if we created our own Umami Burger skateboards?” and after some quick two day prime shipping from Amazon we had all the gear we needed to DIY some boards. Below are detailed step-by-step instructions on how we created our boards in hopes you use this as inspiration for a future weekend project.

What you need:
Blank skateboards.
Spray paint.
Spray adhesive.
Cardstock to make stencils.
Plastic sheets/tarp to protect your surroundings.

Step one:
Establish your design. We used Photoshop to concept out the design we envisioned.


Step two:
Print out copies of your design to measure on the actual board for fitting. Adjust design where needed.

Step three:
Once your design is finalized, print out the final design on your card stock. Cut around your design to create your stencils.

Step four:
Use the spray adhesive to stick your stencil to your board. I first stared off with only using tape and realized quickly that the spray paint was bleeding through, which is when the spray adhesive stepped in to save the day. After this, protect your perimeter with the plastic bags or tarp.


Step five:
Spray paint over your design and then quickly remove your stencil after (because you don’t want the spray adhesive to fully stick you have to work quickly).

Step six:
Let your design dry and you’re all set!


Pro tip: If your spray paint ends up bleeding through your stencil you can quickly clean it up by using rubbing alcohol and a q-tip.

We recently remodeled  our Los Feliz location and now our boards live there,  you have to go check them out! We even had one signed by all the pro skaters from the Dew Tour.

If you have ever made your own skateboards or attempt this DIY share your photos with us by using the hashtag #umamiburger and follow us at @umamiburger