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The Fifth Taste

January 8, 2016 By Diana

When you’re thinking about spending a nice day out in Los Angeles the first place that usually comes to mind is The Grove. It has all our favorite shops, restaurants and, a farmers market all in one. If you are spending a day using the gift cards you received during the holiday season we suggest fueling up at the Umami Burger at The Grove. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our menu and the amazing service. We recently caught up with our General Manager, Grant Gimpel, and asked him some questions to share with you all.

Sunnyside Burger taken by @obeejuankenobee.
If I didn’t work at Umami Burger, I would be…
“I would be a full time musician, teacher, and composer.”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about working in the food industry?
“I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually received any advice about working in the food industry. However, the most practical “advice” about living my life and working in the world came to me through reading existential philosophers like Sartre, Camus, Nietzsche, and Heidegger. It made sense to me to always try to be fully present in your work/life whatever it is, take responsibility for your actions, and not to dwell on regret or past mistakes.”

Photo of Cheesy Tots (on our secret menu sshhhh)

If you could create your own Umami Burger, what would be on it?
“Patty Melt – grilled upside down bun (kids grilled cheese style), carmelized onions, roasted garlic aioli, melted shredded white cheddar, and a side of house spread for dipping. Other than that I put parmesan frico’s and soy pickles on everything!”

What is your favorite restaurant (besides Umami Burger J)?
“Probably Urth and/or any good Korean restaurant.”

Photo by @erikamyrvik

What is your pro tip for people visiting the grove?
“Enjoy the vibe and contrast between the Farmer’s Market and the Grove, don’t expect it to be “dead, ” and know who validates parking. Overall just have fun and make sure to visit Umami Burger while you are here!”

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