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The Fifth Taste

November 9, 2015 By Diana

When our founder Adam Fleischman was working on the very first Umami Burger he strived to create the ultimate umami flavored experience. He focused on ingredients where Umami is found naturally like cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms and amplifying those flavors.

For the toppings, Adam decided to play on the idea of umamifying the classic burger. Parmesan cheese is a natural umami rich ingredient but doesn’t necessarily melt well, which is where the parmesan frico came about. Using oven-roasted tomatoes is a play on a more traditional topping but when you roast a tomato it concentrates on bringing out their umami flavor. Sautéed shiitake mushrooms and caramelized onions are also added to the burger.

Adam  also needed to create some of his own condiments. He created an Umami Master Sauce to coat the patty, which contains hoison, kombu and soy sauce. Umami Dust is made from mostly dehydrated mushrooms. Umami Spray is made with seaweeds, kelp and bonito flakes. And what’s a burger without ketchup? Umami ketchup, contains our Umami Master Sauce and a hint of truffle. All of these are naturally high in umami and help to create a savory taste.

After creating The Original Umami Burger, Adam looked at the growing “better burger” market. At the time, nobody was taking a culinary-forward approach to burgers.  He created a series of burgers based on taste profiles from fine dining like The Truffle Burger, with a truffle glaze and truffle fondue, The Hatch Burger with hatch chilies, The Ahi Burger with sushi grade ahi, lightly seared with daikon sprouts and wasabi tarter sauce, and The Manly Burger with bacon lardons and beer cheddar cheese, inspired by taste profiles from have a scotch and a cigarette together.

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