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The Fifth Taste

February 9, 2016 By Diana

You do not have to call yourself a burger connoisseur to say you know how to eat a burger. I personally have eaten a lot of burgers in my day and being an Umami Burger regular I would say I know the proper way to eat a burger. That is before I was introduced to the “scientific” way to eat a burger.

I was on one of those endless scrolls through Pinterest when I stumbled upon an article from the Huffington Post on the perfect way to eat a burger. I usually would not open an article like this because to me, as long as the burger makes it’s way to my stomach I am good. But since I work at Umami Burger I was interested to see if there was something I was missing out on.

Typically, when the burger hits the table I grab it with both hands in what would be the “natural” way to pick up a burger. Four fingers on the top bun and my thumbs on the bottom. If you have ever received a burger with lots of toppings it’s no surprise when you take your first bite everything gets pushed back and toppings can fall out. I found out that all you have to do is change the way you hold your burger and you solve this problem.

Umami Burger How to Eat A Burger 1
(Featuring The Truffle Burger photographed at Los Feliz)

The trick is all in the pinky. Yes, your tiny little pinky is the most powerful finger to help make your burger eating experience better. Next time you are at Umami Burger try picking up your burger this way: three fingers on the top bun (your pointer finger, middle finger and, ring finger) and then place your thumb and pinky under the bottom bun. See photo below for example. Your tiny pinky actually helps hold the back of the burger together to limit the amount of goodness falling out.

Umami Burger How to Eat A Burger 2

Next time you are at your local Umami Burger try using this method and let us know how it goes. Make sure to tag us in your photos. @umamiburger #umamiburger

Happy Eatings!

Umami Burger How to Eat A Burger 3Umami Burger How to Eat A Burger 4