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The Fifth Taste

May 25, 2016 By Diana

Everyone is always asking, “what is Umami?” and if you are someone who hasn’t eaten at one of our restaurants you have probably asked, “who is Umami Burger?”

Long story short, Umami is the fifth taste. You’ve heard of sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Now meet Umami, which originated in Japan. Umami is found naturally in many foods like tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, soy sauce and meat. The Umami flavor can be amplified naturally with time and specific cooking techniques, which is what our culinary ninjas do. The concept of the taste of Umami has grown with us into something bigger since we opened our first restaurant. Umami is not only the bold and savory flavors in our burgers. It is our pickle plate, which cleanses the palate before you drop some serious Umami bombs. It is the special drink pairings that help enhance the Umami flavors. It is the environment and atmosphere we bring within each of our restaurants. If you have visited multiple Umami Burger locations you will find that no restaurant is designed the same. Each location is unique to its neighborhood but still plays homage to our Japanese roots.

Umami Burger has been around since 2009, and after seven years what keeps us all going is the love for our food. We are all about pushing boundaries with our flavors and are constantly dreaming up new ways to create these memorable taste experiences. Sometimes, we collaborate with chefs, celebrities and charities to create jaw-dropping concoctions for a good cause. Check out some of the mind-blowing burgers we have created with some of our new friends here.

Over the years we have grown in so many ways. We have opened up new restaurants, added new favorites to our menu and we cannot wait to grow much more.

Recently, we decided to get a little creative with how we share our story. Follow the infographic below to get to know Umami Burger a little better.




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