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January 2016 / USA Today

As anyone who's attended a Dodgers-Giants game or a SoCal vs. NorCal rap battle knows, California's two biggest cities jockey for supremacy in any number of arenas. Dining is no different, and lately Los Angeles has crept up on its northern rival in terms of food awards and prestige.

December 2015 / Orange Coast Magazine

Called Umami 101, it’s an excellent survey of the high concept around which the company was formed: exploiting glutamate-induced umami, the so-called “fifth taste,” through natural means, resulting in flavors so amped up they practically buzz.

November 2015 / Pasadena Now

This year, take the stress out of cooking and get right to everyone’s favorite part of the holiday – the eating. Check out these local restaurants for a meal that you will be thankful for.

November 2015 / Thrillist

You know when you eat all that great Thanksgiving food in a couple days -- turkey, and gravy, and stuffing, and cranberry sauce -- and think to yourself, “Self, how great would all that stuff be ON A SANDWICH??” Well, someone else thought of it first. And they sell it all over LA. And you can have it not on Thanksgiving. Boom.

November 2015 / Zagat

The Holiday Bird at Umami Burger: This juicy burger is made with a turkey patty and a cornbread stuffing patty, and then topped with turkey gravy, ginger cranberry chutney and fried sage.