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The Fifth Taste

April 18, 2017 By ALEXIS GUERRERO

This past weekend 125,000+ people descended upon the Coachella Valley for the year’s biggest music festival. Almost bigger than the festival itself, are the epic parties. sbe hosted this year’s hottest event with Republic Records at a super-secret location in the desert with A-list music industry attendees and celebs like Aaron Paul, Ashley Tisdale, Emma Roberts and Joe Jonas, to name a […]

December 8, 2015 By Diana

­There is something about holiday music that makes us all feel warm inside. Most of us in the office are LA transplants and are anticipating traveling home for the holidays. To get in the holiday spirit we have been listening to our Spotify playlist “Unwrap Umami”. Confessional time, I get really excited for the holiday music and […]

November 9, 2015 By Diana

It’s hard not to think about Throwback Thursday when we have the Throwback Burger on our menu. Even the ingredients on the burger play homage to a more traditional burger but of course umamified. One thing is certain here at Umami Burger is our Spotify Throwback #tbt playlist is on blast! There’s nothing like jamming […]