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The Fifth Taste

December 8, 2015 By Diana

­There is something about holiday music that makes us all feel warm inside. Most of us in the office are LA transplants and are anticipating traveling home for the holidays. To get in the holiday spirit we have been listening to our Spotify playlist “Unwrap Umami”. Confessional time, I get really excited for the holiday music and made this playlist early in November (honestly, probably in October) but, we all voted to not start playing holiday music until December 1st so it was headphones in until now. We can’t stop playing our playlist in the office as well as on the road and at home. Take a listen here.

If you are in the Los Angeles area you have to go to the The Grove. It’s hard sometimes to get in the holiday spirit when the weather is still a toasty 70 degrees but walking through The Grove at night will change that. The Holiday décor is unbelievable! Make a dinner date at our restaurant and be sure to soak in magic.


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